Professional venture capital management
Main Business

As a professional investment company, Tingsjc's main business is mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

(1) Investment and financing consulting business, assisting local governments in the implementation of enterprises and projects;

(2) Investment and financing platform business, engaging in investment, financing and management of industrial investment base, private equity investment base and venture capital base;

(3) Financial services business, assisting in investment in investment products such as private placement and corporate bonds.

The main business forms of Tingsjc are direct equity investment, M&A and debt investment. Tingsjc is committed to mobile communication, industry informatization, Internet of Things and some other fields by above methods. Tingsjc drives the rapid development of enterprises with the strength of capital and industry integration.

Investment funding stages
Focus on the expansion stage and ProIPO
The seed stage
The expansion stage and ProIPO
Investment Field
Information Technology
IoT(Internet of Things)
Innovative Materials
5G Communication